Fan Yew Teng

Fan Yew Teng

Fan Yew Teng lived a life that empowered others through knowledge, inspired them through his action, and lead them with boldness and humility when asked. His story is packed with incidents of courage, risk and compassion that were never boasted about. Here are some of his heroic actions and decisions we do know.

Malala Yousafzai

Malala has become a young national hero in Pakistan, known for her powerful voice and her courage to stand up for freedom and human rights. From the age of 11 she has boldly expressed her feeling about the restrictions imposed on female education and has united with other students to face an intimidating foe. This past week, the teenage Malala was shot in a failed assassination attempt, she is currently in critical condition.

Jovito Salonga

Few people highlight the trait of endurance better than Jovito Salonga. During some of the most tumultuous years in Filipino history, Jovito continued to be a voice and force for positive change. His lifetime of dreaming for his country and his determination to reach those goals have helped to shape the Philippines into a more just and democratic society.