Dolores Huerta

Dolores Huerta

A small woman with a relentless spirit and a lifetime of sacrifice, Dolores Huerta has spent almost 60 years on the front lines of labor advocacy and civil rights. Her courage, wit and determination has not only helped improve the living and working conditions of countless families, but has inspired many others to take risks to achieve an “inheritance of justice.”

Ballis (right) Chavez (left)

George Ballis

George Ballis powerful force for social change, characterized by his fluid and adaptive influence and his willingness to work behind the scenes. He was a champion for the environment, empowered people to stand up for their rights, and a became megaphone for the marginalized across the United States.

Bob Zellner Photo

Bob Zellner

From a family line of KKK members, Bob Zellner became one of the first white students to engage in the early civil rights movement. He organized sit-ins, rallies, investigations and speeches from Missouri to Massachusetts. Along his journey, Zellner was insulted, violently attacked, beaten unconscious, and arrested over 18 times. Yet even now in his 70’s, Bob stands fast for democracy, equality and justice.

Nikolaos of Myra

Long before reindeer named Rudolph and trees adorned with lights became symbols of Christmas and long before wrapping paper and silvery bows were the ideal way to give, Nikolaos of Myra lived out a series of selfless acts that would be remembered for the ages. His legacy of giving has become a tradition of millions around the world. Yet, little is known about the original secret giver who would be later be mythologized as Santa Claus.

Muhammad Yunus

In the way of “teaching a man to fish,” Muhammad Yunus has spent much of his life tackling the problem of poverty with socially-focused economics. Muhammad Yunus is recognized as a moral hero for stepping out of the academic safety zone into the famine and impoverished world around him. His pioneering vision of microcredit and innovative economic effort on behalf of the poor has improved the conditions of countless villagers and families throughout the region.