Bob Zellner Photo

Bob Zellner

From a family line of KKK members, Bob Zellner became one of the first white students to engage in the early civil rights movement. He organized sit-ins, rallies, investigations and speeches from Missouri to Massachusetts. Along his journey, Zellner was insulted, violently attacked, beaten unconscious, and arrested over 18 times. Yet even now in his 70’s, Bob stands fast for democracy, equality and justice.

Malala Yousafzai

Malala has become a young national hero in Pakistan, known for her powerful voice and her courage to stand up for freedom and human rights. From the age of 11 she has boldly expressed her feeling about the restrictions imposed on female education and has united with other students to face an intimidating foe. This past week, the teenage Malala was shot in a failed assassination attempt, she is currently in critical condition.

Asmaa Mahfouz

In the face of great adversity, the words “Do not be afraid” could not have come from a more unlikely person. Her whole life had been lived under the tyrannical rule of a corrupt government that restricted and eliminated political opposition. Meet Asmaa Mahfouz; a small, young Egyptian woman who broke through the fear barrier that had kept a dictator in power for 30 years.